Marketing videos suck balls. Vulgar? Yes. True? Yuuuus!

Enter these clownS... Everything you need to know:

Digital marketing • Website design • Brand development • Logo design • AdWords • Google analytics • HubSpot • Spacespace • Shopify • Social media • SEO, CPC, CTA, UX... • Overly personal details


Episode 1

What The?

Introduces the 'edutainment' channel that fuses expert insight with ridiculousness




Episode 2

What The Digital Marketing?!

Content Corner Ep 2 "What The Digital Marketing?!" introduces the current status of digital marketing, best practices, and of course the ridiculousness.

Episode 3

What The UX?!

Content Corner Ep 3 "What The UX?!" explores why sites suck to navigate and how to make them better.


Episode 4

What The SEO Part 1?!

Content Corner Ep 4 "What The SEO?!" looks under the covers of SEO best practices. Starring Kris Jenner-ish

Episode 5

What The SEO Part 2?!

Content Corner Ep 5 "What The SEO?! Part 2" looks under the covers of SEO best practices. An intro to our most elaborate episode yet!


Episode 6

What The Social Media?!

Content Corner ep 6 "What The Social Media" looks under the covers of best social media practices. But mostly, MUSICAL EPISODE!