Marketing videos suck balls. Vulgar? Yes. True? Yuuuus!

Enter these clownS... Everything you need to know:

Digital marketing • Website design • Brand development • Logo design • AdWords • Google analytics • HubSpot • Spacespace • Shopify • Social media • SEO, CPC, CTA, UX... • Overly personal details


Episode 1

What The?

Introduces the 'edutainment' channel that fuses expert insight with ridiculousness




Episode 2

What The Digital Marketing?!

Content Corner Ep. 2 "What The Digital Marketing?!" introduces the current status of digital marketing, best practices, and of course the ridiculousness.

Episode 3

What The UX?!

Content Corner Ep. 3 "What The UX?!" explores why sites suck to navigate and how to make them better.


Episode 4

What The SEO Part 1?!

Content Corner Ep. 4 "What The SEO?!" looks under the covers of SEO best practices. Starring Kris Jenner-ish

Episode 5

What The SEO Part 2?!

Content Corner Ep. 5 "What The SEO?! Part 2" looks under the covers of SEO best practices. An intro to our most elaborate episode yet!


Episode 6

What The Social Media?!

Content Corner Ep. 6 "What The Social Media" looks under the covers of best social media practices. But mostly, MUSICAL EPISODE!

Episode 7

What The Squarespace?

Content Corner Ep. 7 "What The Squarespace?!" Is Squarespace the best platform for your website? Watch, listen, and don't eat my cookie (*friends reference).


Episode 8

What The Shopify?!

Content Corner Ep. 8 "What The Shopify?!" Is Shopify the best platform for your eCommerce website? Yes. Of course.

Episode 9

What The Hubspot?!

Content Corner Ep. 9 "What the Hubspot?!" HubSpot is the ultimate inbound marketing platform that arms digital marketers with the tools to increase customer acquisition and retention. Watch and laugh all about it! (and maybe drink?)