It's a #NYNM for your Brand + Website

Hilary Mason

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People like to hate on New Year's resolutions


That’s because dieting isn’t fun, you haven’t picked up your knitting needles since last January, and the jar by the door isn’t collecting extra change nearly fast enough to get you that ticket to Fiji. "New Year New Me" resolutions can be tough to keep, especially once the initial full head of steam dies down (in say, February).

We like to look at January as a fresh start, a chance to set some goals for the year ahead, but also, a good time to check yourself. Kind of like replacing your fire alarm when the clocks spring forward and fall back. January is a reminder at the start of every calendar year that you can make some small (or substantial) changes that will move you a little closer to your goals over the course of the next 12-months.

We've crafted a check-yourself-list of items you can put on your list every January to keep your brand and website from being “so last year”.

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1. What's hot and what's not?

Before you start making changes to your content, brand or web strategies–do some digging around in last year's performance metrics. How? Take a deep dive in your website analytics–look for top performing pages, content pieces adn track spikes in traffic and conversion. Consider what made these pages or pieces so HOT. Then look at the under-performers–why did they lack engagement or success? Armed with insight, making your next move won't be a shot in the dark. You want to invest in what's driving business, and start to fill in the gaps over the course of the next year.

2. How is my brand going to evolve?

It’s science folks. Newton’s Law of Motion states that “An object that is at rest will stay at rest unless an external force acts upon it.” Your brand is an object, and you are the external force. Take some time at the start of every year to consider the evolution of your brand. Account for market shifts, direct and indirect competition and influencers, buyer behaviours, etc. This doesn’t have to be a complete overhaul of your logo packaging or brand name. However, you may find that a little goes a long way with a simple tweak to messaging, colour, or perhaps a refresh of your marketing materials. It’s often easy to switch on autopilot and cruise along without making any changes. But if simply keeping pace isn’t your goal for your business this year, put your foot on the gas and determine where you want your brand to go. #zoomzoom

3. Is it E-Comm time?

Maybe this will finally be the year you turn your website into an e-commerce money maker! You don’t have to be Apple-big to start selling products online. In fact, e-commerce solutions are becoming more and more small-business-small-budget friendly. For example, Shopify has ecommerce options from simple to robust. “Buy Now” buttons and payment gateways, online stores and shipping options. Squarespace has beefed up their online store functionality–your CMS can snap in a fully integrated ecommerce solution that accepts payments instantly. If your buyers are hanging out online, and do most of their shopping from their desks or mobile, there’s opportunity for you to reach them wherever they are.

4. Is my content fresh or wilted?

If left on the shelf, content can get stale pretty fast. The beginning of the calendar year is a perfect check-point. Is there opportunity for you to add content pages to your website? For example, you may be lanching new products or services. Maybe you see value in adding a blog or resource section with articles and downloads. Think differently, and assess the engagement of your target market/audience. What kind of content will they crave from you this year? Interactive content like video and podcasts will freshen up your content offers and boost engagement on your site. Tip! Content isn't restricted to written word or media–custom photography is another form of content that will instantly amplify your brand and connect with your audience in a visceral way ("a picture tells a thousand words"!)

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