Banff Hospitality Collective

Banff Hospitality Collective (BHC)

Custom Squarespace Website

These titans of taste and curators of culinary craftsmanship were looking to create a website that not only defined what they do as a collective, but who they are. Part corporate-informational, part reservation-driving, part culture-celebrating, part job-listing, part magic, this site needed to cover a lot of ground and still stay true to their brand and easy to understand. This one is tasty.


“pb+j has a very rare quality that I’ve not found in many creative agencies. They don't do Brand Bluff. What is Brand Bluff you ask? Brand Bluff is vision which gets lost in translation; being unhappy with outcomes; not understanding process.

They don’t let this happen. The difference with pb+j is that you’ll actually be happy … and it will happen fast! They take what is happening in your head and make it real so it can start actually happening in everyone else's head.”

— Katie Tuff, Founder + CoO @ Banff Hospitality Collective

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Banff Hospitality Collective