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After renaming their 30-year-old wealth management practice, the partners at Copperleaf Capital needed a new brand and website. Fans of Squarespace (hey, we like these people already!), they found us on Squarespace’s experts list, gave us a call, and off we went.


putting down roots

"Writing and storytelling isn’t our core competency, so in addition to the branding and web design, we hired pb+j to bring our story to life in the website copy,” explains Ryan Heath, Copperleaf Capital co-owner. Coming into the project, the Copper Leaf team knew that within a year they’d be building on the web presence with email, mailers and other marketing, so they were looking to us to build them the foundation from which they could grow.


“...we hired pb+j to bring our story to life..."

- Ryan Heath, co-owner



Copperleaf Capital


“We started with research and meetings with the Copperleaf team to get a good understanding of who they are and how they operate,” says lead designer James Tuck. “During our early conversations, Ryan talked a lot about their process and the firm’s ethos. This inspired us to develop a brand and story emphasizing relationships, and building a financial strategy based on clients’ unique plans and dreams, rather than just crunching numbers.”


Tag teaming it

The mark and design were heavily informed by the demographic of their clientele and the personality of the company. The Copperleaf team immediately gravitated toward our concept of living your dreams brought to life with lots of images of people enjoying intimate family moments, and a conservative colour palette mixed with contemporary shapes and fonts.

With the brand basics locked down, James and the creative team dug into site design, and our writers started developing a story that would take people from page to page on the site.


“In the beginning we had a series of meetings with the copywriters and designers that were really helpful. Conveying our story and process compellingly is a difficult process for me, but they asked us many questions that drew out the details,” recalls Ryan.


— Daniel Malen

Best laid plans

In addition to working with investors, Copperleaf has a service for investment advisors. To avoid confusing site visitors, we prioritized the two audiences with Ryan and his colleagues, figured out how they each would use the site, then we worked behind the scenes to get the site architecture and user path smooth as butter (peanut butter, of course!) for both groups.

— Daniel Malen

“pb+j was good at getting to the heart of our business,” says Ryan. “The first draft of the site was really good, so it only took a couple of revisions to polish it off. The whole project was organized and communicated well. There were clear roles and responsibilities, agendas, and we used Basecamp as a central spot to share and discuss the work as it progressed instead of going back and forth on email.


“The new brand and site was really well received by our clients. It fits who we are and has given us a good foundation to grow from and evolve. Now we have what we need to scale up our marketing.”



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