If your business is more than five years old, congratulations! Only half of all businesses make it that far. Here’s what the others are doing wrong:



Launch a business that has no demand and no market fit.


Have a junky brand strategy, online presence, and marketing practices.


Run out of cash because they have trouble selling what they have to offer.


Get drowned out by their competitors.



Don’t have the right team supporting them at every turn.


Can’t price and package their offering in a way that sells.


Ignore their customer’s needs and their feedback.


Didn’t work with pb+j ;)

* Sources: Forbes, BDC, Investopia, and Small Biz Trends... among others.


But the others aren’t you…

You’re probably here because you think you need a new website—and you probably do need one—but some shiny new pixels aren’t going to keep that full list of wolves at bay.

To achieve the full circus of your vision, you’re going to have to think holistically.


Stop treating your symptoms.


It’s like this: if you’re unhealthy, you’ll spend a lot of money on cough syrup and Netflix. But if you just eat right and break up with the sofa, you’ll wake up every day feeling fantastic. Your business needs some whole food and a swift kick in the ass. Burn its sweatpants. Feed it a salad. Stop reacting. Start proacting.

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You're not satisfied.

Does this sound familiar?

You have difficulty attracting good-fit and high-paying clients. You're losing out to your competitors because you can't clearly communicate why you're the better choice. You wear a lot of hats and spend your time scattered across everything. You’re currently trying to be a lot of things for a lot of people—and you feel lost. Your business is in need of a breakthrough.You lay awake at night worrying about where to start and what to focus on next.

If so, let’s talk. If not, you might be ready for this.


Low risk. All reward.

Only the brave succeed.

An overwhelming 93% of businesses say they calculate a potential run rate of shorter than 18 months. We want to change that, one iron-strong brand at a time.

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Our Brand Accelerator™ is a four-week program that pulls the best from our 20 years of entrepreneurial experience in starting and growing multiple businesses of our own and helping hundreds of businesses achieve success. Through 1:1 weekly coaching, we guide you with advice, insight, encouragement and ultimately deliver a beautiful and empowering Brand Accelerator™ Strategy Package that covers:


Purpose + Positioning →

Purpose-driven and focused businesses go further faster. Target and speak to your customer in a way that creates demand and sets you apart.

Customer →

Truly understand your customer: how you need to speak to them, reach them and actually help them.

Messaging + Offer →

Set up your offer properly so you can solve your customers’ pains and communicate your true value in a way they can’t ignore.

Strategy →

Discover how to better leverage your business to achieve personal and sustainable success—and get back to doing what you were born to do.


The cred between the bread.

Our patrons say it best.


 “After my first call, there was no one else in my mind that I wanted to work with. pb+j put together a personalized plan to get me from zero-to-hero. I can say I’ve never felt so supported creatively, and that’s saying something because I’ve been creating for 30 years!

Truthfully, working with them is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I came to them with a big idea and never once did they disappoint. High five!” 

~ Lisa, Founder


"Working through the Accelerator has changed the way I think about myself as a business leader and has changed my business for the better. They've been able to take all the many pieces that make up a solid business strategy and have helped me to align those pieces setting priorities and creating milestones for growth.”

~ Marquis, Founder + CCO

“I'm far from ‘making it’ and I don't know if I'll ever truly ‘get there’ but these guys have given me the tools and the roadmap to take the big leaps so that my company can grow; not only financially, but also in my journey as an entrepreneur." 

~Travis, Culture Leader + Speaker


"Having the framework and accountability to go through the hard questions about our purpose and our brand made the Accelerator program very worthwhile. This is hard work and it's great to have a partner to pull you through it and keep you on task. As a busy business owner, this would've taken me months to work through on my own and the result wouldn't have been nearly as thorough or nicely packaged. We're excited to move forward with a solid brand strategy to measure our future decisions against."

~Nate + Lindsay, Founders

"My experience with Accelerator was everything I needed. As a creative, I struggle working through ideas, thrashing and deciding on things before moving. The structure was thorough enough to provide a guideline, but intuitive enough to keep it human and engaging. The coaching sessions were the most enjoyable part because they were exploratory, challenging and, most importantly, fun. They were welcoming of ideas, pushed me to dig deeper and provided a good laugh to keep my creative juices flowing. 

The process allowed for focused time, personal exploration and time to let ideas set. And, finally, this all allowed me to start to feel excited about my idea and see the potential of what it could turn into. It was a stimulating and valuable experience that is well worth investing in!”

~Bianca, Educator + Entrepreneur


You might be looking for some killer creative to really reveal your magic.

Check this out.



We’re going to list out a few things that we do to help you discover your ‘why’, but you know it’s just for SEO: 

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