Content Marketer

what's your Moonlight Occupation?

Social Media Influencer. Read: girl with flawless online beach lifestyle who secretly works behind a computer in sweatpants.

what's your SPECIAL SKILL?

Singing. (Ed note: she’s being modest. Voice of an angel!)

what's your Dirty secret?

I secretly hate small talk and way prefer engaging on topics of depth (and occasionally death) that reveal people’s realness.

I’m the jammer who…

could probably set a Guinness Record with the amount of ice cream I can eat in one sitting. Yes, that's a challenge. Bang Bang Ice Cream, let's go.

Trust Me, I’m a Social Media Queen

Although I may be found off the clock eating all the ice cream, I come from a creative background! I have experience conceptualizing brands and communicating brand voice and tone through visual digital media as a photographer and social media content curator.  



Had enough of Randi you say?

Alright alright alright, we'll let you back into the speed dating tables.