Content Marketer

What's your Moonlight Occupation?

Musician, and aspiring Twinfluencer. #Twinstagram #HeForShe #AllIDoIsTwin

What's your SPECIAL SKILL?

Pun-ray vision. This helps me discern the delicate balance of word and play...especially when the job just needs to get pun.

What's your Dirty secret?

Watched a lot of CBC's not-so-hit-show Being Erica in university, and loved every bit of it.

i'm the jammer who...

...tried oysters in Boston once. While eating, I involuntarily coughed, the oyster sailed through the air and landed in my pint of beer.

I still drank and ate it. Tom and Drew can verify this.

Trust Me, I'm a Soild B Student.

Proof. I also have a BDES from YSDN. RGD affiliate. Full-stack designer by trade, serial entrepreneur by day, cereal entrepreneur by morning.


Had enough of Randi you say?

Alright alright alright, we'll let you back into the speed dating tables.