Content Marketer

What's your Moonlight Occupation?

TV + Film Critic. I spend a lot of time binging on movies and series. Serieses? Serii?

What's your SPECIAL SKILL?

Not being understood by Tim Hortons. Accent or not, it takes skill to have someone think you said 'Mozzarella' when you asked for 'butter'.

What's your Dirty secret?

As a teenager my friends and I got chased by the police and their lovely dog for running around the streets in our boxers at 2am.

I'm the Jammer who

...will eat pretty much anything as long as there is no visible mould.
About: 17 highly-questionable fridge items eaten by one devil-may-care Jammer.

Trust Me, I'm a Designer

Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design from Sheffield Hallam University, UK
Won Most Improved Designer Award from Sheffield College
Won a design competition with the National Health Service
Best English Person at pb+j (runner-up)


Had enough of Randi you say?

Alright alright alright, we'll let you back into the speed dating tables.