Case Study

Working with Newton’s Legal we took a traditional practice and gave it a non-traditional presence, creating a modern brand and website for a young and ambitious law firm. 

A New Era

Newton’s Legal is a new up-and-coming law firm with young and eager lawyers who want to make a difference and not just a ‘pretty penny’. Law firms tend to carry a stereotypical, stiff presence and we were tickled to create a brand and website that exhibits the opposite. Newton’s wanted a modern, approachable and non-traditional brand–not as easy as it sounds, but as always, we were excited for the task.


“We think that pb+j did an awesome job. The logo is fantastic and the website just looks great. It’s modern, it’s clean and most important it’s NOT a traditional looking law firm. It’s everything we wanted.”

— Ian Perry (Founder of Newton's Legal)

A New Direction

To create a modern website for a law firm, we felt choosing the right imagery would be key in our success. 

We had to get away from the typical businessmen in suits, the stiff look of stuffy offices and piles of paperwork or some of the off-putting options of stock photography.

With help from the team at Newton’s we were able to gather imagery that displayed modern settings of a workplace, abstract shots of ‘the suits’ and generally a modern feeling to the brand as a whole.




To aid in this modern direction, we created a range of icons to use throughout the site and worked in cohesion with the chosen imagery. We kept the colour palette of the brand to a minimum to allow the imagery to shine.

newtons-home image.png

To bring to life to this modern business, we created a clean logo that used typography with soft edges to encourage approachability while maintaining a strong professional stance.

While creating the Newton's logo we faced a challenge with the apostrophe. It had an awkward feeling, like it didn’t belong. We took the brand to a new level and created a unique icon incorporating the ‘N’ and the apostrophe into the logo itself.

Full Wordmark
newtons legal full logo

Translating a solid
brand onto the web



As an up-and-coming business, Newton’s Legal wanted to stay away from the look and feel of a traditional law firm. They came to us for a modern, clean and professional brand and website.

We responded by creating an approachable, modern logo with an incorporated icon that can be used as a single item. This created depth and versatility, allowing the brand to be used in different ways across the website and future material. Imagery was used to our advantage in order to create a website that stands out in the field of law in a modern, professional and non-traditional way.


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newtons-home image.png