With Great People do Great things. (centered on two lines)

Our true colours, shining through.



We create communities, both inside and outside the walls of our offices. It takes a village to make so much awesome happen. A strong and authentic sense of community enables people to feel connected in a real way, and creates a safe place for ideas and creativity to flourish. When you work with us, you join the extended pb+j community where respect, communication, and collaboration are baked right into the culture.


This is a talented bunch, we simply do not have the wall or fridge space to display every qualification. Together, we’ve built over 250 websites and made room on the shelf for 10 international industry awards for our design work. We don’t put our name on anything less than awesome. You see, we’re birds of a feather. You’re serious about your business, and we’re serious about our craft.

made for each other


We want to produce head-turning creative you can brag about (and world peace, we’re working on that too). But we don’t just want to make beautiful things—we want to make beautiful things that leave a mark. That’s why we’ve designed our packages and products to accomplish very specific goals—maximizing the long-term impact your brand will have.

 Low res - redo :) 


Some things are simply better together, just like the classic peanut butter and jam sandwich.

The concept behind pb+j says a lot about who we are, and what we’re all about. pb+j are not the initials of our founders (Peterman, Badgley + Jameson, maybe?) traditionally common in the agency world, rather a tongue-in-cheek nod to that convention with a playful twist. Peel back the layers even further and you’ll see that we walk and talk the credo that great ideas + great design are made for each other.

The jam to the peanut butter...

See what we did there?

Let's be friends with benefits.

We want you to feel like one of us.
It’s a classic win-win!

Our team approach lets you sit at the table with us while we take the stress of running a design, website, or digital marketing project completely off your plate. We promise that you’ll feel the love, and see the difference creative collaboration makes. We were born ready to jam, heck, it’s in our name.

The beginning of a beautiful friendship...
Screenshot 2016-03-11 00.58.58.png
weird facts
  high fives exchanged daily

high fives exchanged daily

  Jammers who have been in a band

Jammers who have been in a band


Average guess of the year
in which we can open an office on Mars

  nerf darts fired since opening

nerf darts fired since opening

nerf gun
  "that's what she said" jokes landed on the daily (and it never gets old)

"that's what she said" jokes landed on the daily (and it never gets old)

planet mars
  babies born into the Jam-fam

babies born into the Jam-fam

  Jammers who are still in a band

Jammers who are still in a band


How much money would you have to pay us to eat a year-old peanut butter and jam sandwich?

  (and tickets to the Spice Girls reunion tour)

(and tickets to the Spice Girls reunion tour)


Still want to be friends?

Then let's make this official and begin....



With your great ideas and our killer design chops, we're sure to change the world.