A cold-pressed juice company started by two siblings in Toronto, Canada, Total Cleanse has blossomed into a national retailer. Frustrated by the many ways their WordPress site was constraining sales, the two turned to us to build the Shopify site of their dreams.



“Eight years ago we hired a WordPress designer to build us a custom site. But as our business grew we discovered we couldn’t add new products or images, let alone run promotions,” recalls Daniel, co-owner of Total Cleanse. He tried to get in touch with the WordPress designer but couldn’t reach him. And efforts to find someone else who could modify the site were fruitless. “It was such a frustrating platform to run our business on. WordPress is great for blogging, but as a platform for a business website taking online payments it’s a complete nightmare.”


With sales severely restricted by the WordPress site, Daniel and his sister Rebecca did some research and committed to building a new site on Shopify. 

“We knew Shopify would give us a lot more control like allowing us to easily add new juices, take payment and do some marketing,” says Daniel.



Total Cleanse


Our first step was to working with Daniel and Rebecca to understand the business inside and out, because e-commerce sites are so tied to sales and fulfillment. Their old WordPress site was confusing and wasn’t aligned with the target buyer. Before we could design anything, we needed to consider the business problems that can be alleviated through design. We mapped the buying and product fulfilment processes, and planned the information conveyance. This work informed the functionality and features needed on the website.>


Selling Total Cleanse’s product online isn’t super straightforward. Each cleanse sold has a unique start date and duration, and quite often, the order is sent over staggered dates due to short shelf life. Also, the duration for shipping varies depending on where in Canada the order is getting sent.

“To manage this we created a filter system to suppress product from displaying to people who were out of shipping range, and we used plug-ins to display local delivery options,” explains Hilary Mason, pb+j’s creative director.

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After we locked down the site architecture, our designers got to work on the site design—where people fall in love at first site with the Total Cleanse brand. The old site was far more corporate than Daniel wanted, so we used their product
packaging for inspiration. 

“We had a lot of fun working with circle shapes and cross-sections of fruit and veggies. They give a friendly and fresh feel that’s on point with healthful living. This significantly shifted the brand from stilted to vibrant. We also decided to leverage Total Cleanse’s well-styled, playful Instagram account, by integrating a feed into the site,” says Hilary.


“The design team executed it really well. We loved concepts and how they were executed in the final design,” says Daniel who was a graphic designer before entering the juice business. 

The final step was running through our SEO checklist to preserve the search rankings earned to date and make sure Total Cleanse didn’t fall victim to a dip in organic traffic.

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— Daniel Malen

For Total Cleanse, nearly all sales happen online, so the impact of improving the site is massive. Within a few weeks of launching their new site, Daniel says they saw a lift in sales: “I think because the site is so much easier to navigate.”


“For people who want to manage content on their e-commerce website, Shopify is comprehensive and easy to use. Plus, it’s a fully-managed platform, so you don’t have to contend with that potential security gaps that you have with open source plug-ins,” explains Tom Collver, pb+j co-owner.

“Shopify tracks sales week by week, there are tons of stats, and so many features I can use to grow the business. I love how when my first-time buyers set-up their account they are prompted to join our mailing list. And today I’m sending follow-up emails to people who abandoned their purchase part way through. Our WordPress site had nothing like this. We love the design of our new site, but even more, we love how this site enables us to run our business,” says Daniel.

— Daniel Malen
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