Dancing Gnome Brewery

Branding + package design + Web Design



Specializing in farmhouse brew, Dancing Gnome was ready to tap into the craft brew market and aimed to educate beer enthusiasts in the art of beer-making.

Owner Andrew Witchey hired us to develop a professional brand and online presence for his soon-to-be bricks and mortar business. He needed a website that would showcase his product, convey the ethos of Dancing Gnome brewery, and also serve as a platform for turning casual beer drinkers into brew aficionados — in line with craft beer culture.

I knew I wanted the brand to be simple but very modern, bringing in elements from art and architecture. I showed the team examples of what I really liked and we worked from there,I know art, but I’m not a web design expert. The team exuded professionalism and were masters of their craft. Beyond that they were great people that were super easy to work with.
— Andrew Witchey

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