Astek Wallcoverings Inc.  |  E-commerce + Retail

Hot off the heels of a major rebrand and restructure, Astek was looking to us to overhaul their e-commerce website to reflect the rebrand design a more smooth and deliberate user journey from landing to purchase.

View Project Birds Painting Astek Logo Bench T Colour Picker

Bean Dog

Bean Dog Films  |  Video Production + Film

Bean Dog came to us to craft a dreamy, imaginative, fun, and uniquely off-kilter website that would drive visitors to their work quickly and improve their drop-off rate.

View Project Man Hiking Cyclist Close up of Hands Man Reading Multiple Dogs On the beach


Creative Technology San Francisco  |  Film Post-Production

Creatives working with other creatives can be tough. Trust is the name of the game. From across the continent, CT-SF knew we were the only team they trusted to understand and interpret their vision for their new website on Squarespace.

View Project Computer Screens Lightning Grid of work Cut Statue Cool Lady Father and Son


Banff Hospitality Collective |  Restaurant + Hospitality

We have a long-standing working relationship with Banff’s most prestigious multi-concept restaurant group. When it came time to create a home base corporate website for BHC, we knew just what to cook up!

View Project Mountain Pattern Popsicle Point at Circle Mountain Mobile Screen Stamp, Fish and Thumbs-up Hero Banner Screen

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Ovation Communication  |  Communication Coaching + Consulting

From Broadway and the Silver Screen, the masters of human interaction came to us to master their re-brand and conceive of a website that wove a story of connection and performance through communication.

View Project Pattern Team Elephant Present Home Screen Logo


Materealist Photography Studio | Photography + E-commerce

This blooming full-service mobile e‑commerce photography studio needed to launch with a ‘pop’ and came to us to make sure they got it right on the first shot.

View Project Collage 2 Model Lineup Logo Grid Woman Profile Collage White Dress


Great Canadian Theatre Company  |  Arts + Entertainment

We partnered with Ottawa’s largest professional, independent theatre company to reimagine and redefine their website and design a new take on their season branding.

View Project Four Circles Colour Palette Bed and Breakfast The Virgin Trial The Drowning Girls Hero Banner Screen

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