Sales Talent Agency wanted a new website that would hit a home run. They parted ways with their original designer, called us to the plate, and we rounded the bases together.

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“We needed a new website because internet marketing has changed so much in the last five years and we know that we need to keep pace,” 

recalls Jamie Scarborough, owner and president of the Canadian recruitment agency. 


Only when that designer presented concepts for the new site did Jamie realize there was a big problem: the concepts didn’t capture the company ethos—and he wasn’t sure that designer would ever nail it. That’s when he phoned us.



Sales Talent Agency


“pb+j had built the site for a student competition we run and I was absolutely confident in their ability to build us an incredible site,” he said.

His only question was whether or not Squarespace was sufficiently robust to handle the functionality required: a seamless connection to SalesForce, job search functionality, integration of their social media content, and a robust blog woven through the site. We told him this list was definitely do-able. Plus, Squarespace has better security against hackers, it never has to be manually updated, and its SEO features are top notch.

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“Drew, Hilary, and James have all the skills needed to build a great website. They were also totally open to the collaborative process we needed to land on the look and experience we were envisioning.”

- Jamie Scarborough


Jamie’s company places immense focus on its award-winning culture. In an industry that can be cookie cutter, Sales Talent Agency has earned a reputation for its awesome culture. This had to shine through on the website. Other must-haves: keep the green and white colour scheme and use the recently taken Sales Talent Agency photography.

Jamie asked us to modernize the Sales Talent Agency brand. Overall, the brand was strong, but a few elements were at odds with the feeling they wanted to convey. Our team devised subtle, yet impactful changes to bridge this gap such as turning dense factoids into easily digestible infographics, adjusting the ratio of green to white for a friendlier feel, and replacing their overly formal and loud font and all caps styles.

We were moving in the right direction, but we all agreed their images—despite being bright professionally-taken photos—weren’t on brand. “Our original images looked staged, like stock images. We realized we needed more natural photos where our people looked genuine,” said Jamie. To execute our game plan, our pb+j designers created an artboard that captured the type of shots and framing needed, then directed the photo shoot. The resulting images were the icing on the cake!

“I can be a challenging customer, but I know that pb+j will collaborate with me and get me to a final product I’m happy with. In this case, the first concepts didn’t feel right, but pb+j listened, and when they came back to us they nailed it. Their recommendation to retake our photos was spot on.”

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The site needed to be designed to accommodate easy navigation for two types of visitors: candidates and employers. Our design and build also included a user-friendly back-end so that employees could easily update and manage content.

We set-up integrations with their HR software and CRM, and built a robust resource centre with dozens of publications authored by the 40-person team, and feeds to display these publications sitewide. “SquareSpace is relatively simple to use. For a company like ours with a lot of content and a heavy social media presence, it works really well,” says Jamie.

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“This website is a great example of how we partner with companies to realize the vision they have for their web presence,” says creative lead Hilary Mason. “This brand needed to be preserved, but also modernized, which is tricky. It would be impossible without a collaborative process. In every project we look to combine our expertise with our clients’ goals and preferences. Our experience with Sales Talent Agency really demonstrates the value of our approach.” 

Though he jokes about being a challenging customer, Jamie reiterates that he knew when he hired us that he would walk away with something he’d be proud of. “We’re thrilled with the website.There’s a real creativity to it. It’s clean and exactly what I wanted.”

— Jamie Scarborough


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